2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 9 – Life

Today’s film introduces our 9th category


Today is October 9th

Today’s film is 2017’s Life

Space horror is a marriage between science fiction and horror. Distinct from scary science fictions of alien abductions or full scale invasions which take place on earth, space horrors are substantially in space. Alien life is often the monster in these movies – like the Nostromo’s face-hugging, chest-bursting, crew stalking hitchhiker. In the year 2122 this seems plausible. If we are to discover extraterrestrial life in the near future then it would almost certainly be from our own solar system where life wouldn’t be ray-gun wielding humanoid but instead small organisms like bacteria or simple plants. And it wouldn’t be on manned missions to other worlds.

Life is everything good about the classic space horrors like 1979’s Alien but taking place in present day just on the edge of our own world aboard the International Space Station as specimens from Mars are intercepted.


MPAA Rating: R


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