2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 5 – The Witch

Today’s film is our second #Witch movie and the first truly scare film this year – one I really love!

Today is October 5th

Today’s film is 2016’s The Witch

I loved this film – Daniel Baniszewski hated it. The Tomatometer of 91% and awards vs a 55% audience score show that this is indeed a film people have a hard time agreeing on. Hard to say what you’ll think but I’m excited to find out.

I’d classify this one as pretty scary but in a creepy suspenseful way. The best scary movies aren’t just about a monster – they are about universal fears and often the monster is just the situation needed for the drama and betrayal of those you are stuck in the situation with. Even better is when you aren’t sure who the monster is. This film has all of that, isolation and solitude are present in the plot, the drama/fear and even the visual style. It’s well directed, it’s well acted and it’s beautifully shot. It won the 2015 Sundance award for Directing Dramatic – quite an honor for a directorial debut.

Turn off your phone, turn off the lights and get ready for one creepy night.


MPAA Rating: R


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One thought on “2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 5 – The Witch”

  1. I enjoyed it, twice. I’m no historian but enjoyed that aspect. I loved the dad guy in the British The Office, obvious he can play a range of characters. I just saw the actress who played thomasin in Thouroughbreds.

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