2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 26 – Child’s Play and Puppetmaster


Today is October 26th

Today’s Films are 1988’s Child’s Play & 1989’s Puppetmaster

Today’s films feature killer dolls and puppets. They both spawned a huge list of sequels (total of 7 Child’s Play films and 13 for Puppetmaster if you count the crossover with Demonic Toys).

Let’s start with Child’s Play which brings us Chucky. Chucky is actually serial killer Charles Lee Ray who uses Vudou to escape death by possessing a “Good Guys” doll. When the doll Charles possesses is given as a birthday gift to Andy things get creepy and then scary. Child’s Play is a big budget and with it comes all the perks like big explosions, great sets, great effects and good acting/writing. This is in contrast to Puppetmaster which has none of theses save for some pretty acceptable effects. Puppetmaster is Full Moon’s most famous film. While there is plenty to like about Puppetmaster and the films it spawned it might not be the most impressive peak to hit. I’ve watched this film many many times and while I can identify many parts of a story I have no idea how they all fit together or what the movies is really about. It almost feels like a sequel that assumes you’ve seen the original – except there is no original. That’s okay though, because the low angle puppet-cam, miniature and stop-motion effects are great fun and someone made the very, very right choice of designing a collection of evil puppets each of which is plenty different from each other and have tons of potential for mayhem be it hacking away with knife and hook hands or regurgitating killer leaches!

MPAA Rating: R (Both)

Trailer Child’s Play

Trailer Puppetmaster

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