2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 3 – Interview with the Vampire

Today’s film hits both categories of

#Vampires & #ScaredButNotStraight

It’s also the first film from last time but so good it warrants the repeat.

Can you guess what it is? Here is a quote as another hint:

“Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately, and so shall we, for no creatures under God are as we are, none so like Him… as ourselves.”

Scene of Claudia on street at night

Today is October 3rd

Today’s film is 1994’s Interview with the Vampire


Interview with the Vampire is indeed my favorite #Vampire movie! Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are both at the top of their game as Louis and Lestat, roles that require great chemistry and an embracing of the gay subtexts – subtexts that could have easily been omitted in the film adaptation of Rice’s work especially in 1994 but thankfully weren’t! Louis is full of self-hate, sadness and at times driven by rage and lust which are the two things he shares in common with Lestat who by comparison takes great pride and pleasure in his circumstance and who’s wit and dark humor result in all the best lines of the film:

“There’s life in the old lady yet!”

“All I ever need to find you is to follow the corpses of rats.”

Lestat: “Lord, what I wouldn’t give for a drop of good old-fashioned Creole blood.”
Louis: “Yankees are not to your taste?”
Lestat: “Their democratic flavor doesn’t suit my palate, Louis.”

And how about #ScaredButNotStraight? Watch the film again if you haven’t since the 90s and you may notice that you missed it the first time around but it’s absolutely there. Lestat turns Louis as a companion and although Louis’ wealth probably made him all the more attractive much of the dialog between the two is the stuff of love letters (and lovers’ quarrels) and Lestat makes several references to Louis’ youth and beauty. Of course, they also form a little murderous family with the addition of Claudia to whom Lestat and Louis are ‘fathers’. Not convinced? The situation between Louis and Armand isn’t even veiled.


MPAA Rating: R


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