2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 10 – Demonic Toys

Today’s film introduces our 10th category


Today is October 10th

Today’s film is 1992’s Demonic Toys

You may have first seen today’s film on cable TV or rented the VHS tape from your local video store in the 90s. Demonic Toys went straight to video like plenty of Full Moon films. Critics didn’t care for the story or the acting. It seems to borrow plenty from a prior Full Moon film called Puppet Master and it isn’t just the genre of Killer Toys it shares with Child’s Play as the plot also takes plenty from it’s more famous predecessor.

Speaking of predecessor, can any of you identify the film playing on one of the TVs in the security room around the the 1 hour 2 minute mark? It’s going to be one of our films later this month!

Don’t let any of this turn you off. Demonic Toys is full of self-aware campyness (without being lazy) and is full of humor and gore. Its modest budget is smartly spent on effects (many of which are puppets and practical effects) and not on sets or even actors. It’s all about the demonic toys themselves, be it the crude one-liners from Baby Oopsie Daisy, the creepy Jack Attack or the ferocious Grizzly Teddy. Grizzly Teddy is by far my favorite and every second of his screen time is cheesy gory joy!

Why do I love Grizzly so much? Is it the mouth full of sharp teeth in a puppet? Is it the silly contrast between a typical friendly teddy bear and this angry flesh eating monster? I don’t know, but I found myself cheering for him.

He’s not the only baddy to love either. “The kid” played by Daniel Cerny is a perfect creepy-kid and toy master. He’s also somehow the best actor in the movie. He feels like something straight out of The Twilight Zone or Star Trek the original series.

If you like cheesy low-budget films that pre-date lazy CGI then Demonic Toys deserves not just a watch but a place in your collection!


MPAA Rating: R


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