Announcing WSU Raids

Alright, this isn’t a review but more of a plug for one of my other sites.

Check it out at for group information, maps of campus gyms, chat and nickname builder.

What is WSU Raids?

We are a group of people who play Pokémon GO (trainers) on Weber State University‘s Ogden Campus. Our group is used to organize in-person raids at the gyms which are on (or very near) campus. We are also a friendly and social group consisting of students, staff, faculty, campus housing residents and members of the neighborhood.

Unlike other groups we are focused on raids in a relatively small area (campus). This allows the group to very quickly organize raids often with fairly short notice. We are a punctual group – raids often start promptly at the planned time, as students/staff/faculty we usually have classes or work to get to and can’t wait around for late arrivals. Many of us also belong to larger area groups too.


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