2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 20 – The Stuff and Body Melt


Today is October 20th

Today’s films are 1985’s The Stuff and 1994’s Body Melt

Body / Melt films are all about the effects and plot tends to just be a reason to string together the effects. The Stuff might be a bit of an exception as it does have a bit of a story. Try not to start thinking about it too much or it will fall apart but at least it kinda makes sense. You might even start thinking it has a message about consumerism.

Body Melt doesn’t even try. It’s just a body/melt extravaganza.

MPAA Rating: The Stuff (R) Body Melt (Not Rated)

Trailer The Stuff:

Trailer Body Melt (NSFW):

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