2018 31 Days of Scary Movies – October 1 – The Lost Boys

October has finally arrived and I’m crazy excited this year, so let me fill you in on exactly what to expect.

Like last time I’ll be posting every day all month and featuring scary movies I recommend watching. Selections this year will fall into one or more of 13 categories I’ve selected. Some of this year’s selections will be deeper cuts – and some will be movies from last time that deserve a place again this year.

We are starting this year with vampires, glitter, sexual tension – but don’t worry it isn’t Twilight. I wouldn’t do that to you.

Today is October 1st It’s been a long couple years – things have been stressful and depressing so let’s start with a film equivalent to comfort food!

Today’s film is 1987’s The Lost Boys and introduces our first two categories:



#Vampires will be self explanatory within the first few minutes. #ScaredButNotStraight category is earned not only because director Joel Schumacher is openly gay but also because the film features pretty intense sexual tension, initially between Michael and Star then increasingly between Michael and David (Kiefer Sutherland). The result is a love triangle with an unmistakable gay element. Throw in plenty of attractive guys, chants of “You’re one of us!” as well as the first vampire’s death resulting in a burst of glitter and you’ve got yourself a gay old time!

Of course it isn’t just creatures of the night and GayCred™ that make The Lost Boys great. This beloved movie is sure to make 80s and 90s kids smile with nostalgia, but even newcomers will be pleased to find that the movie has aged incredibly well. Visually it still looks great, effects don’t look dated, the soundtrack is awesome, the story makes sense, the characters have a bit of depth and have you rooting for them and the casting/acting won’t disappoint (in addition to Kiefer we have both Coreys!). How many 30+ year old scary movies can you say even just a few of those things about? Don’t believe me? Head over to Rotten Tomatoes and you’ll see it’s 74% fresh with an audience score of 85%.


MPAA Rating: R

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